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INTERESTED APPLICANTS:  Please contact Julie White, Human Resources Manager

Quality Manager

Taronis Fuels, Inc – Phoenix, AZ

Define and develop quality tools, processes and methodologies

*Develop KPIs, tools, processes and methodologies to improve Taronis’ quality performance. Work closely with local teams to build best practices.

*Responsible for the deployment of Taronis’ quality system throughout the network.

*Develop internal audit methodology, timing and process.

*Define a blueprint of quality best practices across the various quality processes, in accordance with the quality manual, test methods SOPs, training, calibration, internal audits, non-conformance reports, complaints, quality control, proficiency tests, etc.

*Continue quality system construction, consistent with ISO requirements, with the goal of being ISO certified in 2nd Quarter 2021.

Monitor and follow up on the quality performance of gas production testing in all laboratories across the network.

*Monitor performance of quality metrics: Batch testing results, monthly third party qualitative and quantitative analysis, major and minor quality trends.

*Ensure non-conformities and outliers are properly followed-up with root cause analysis and action plans

*Report to Gas Production Director on quality performance, achievements and risks

*Plan and implement a global quality audit program. Conduct quality audits in all laboratories with resulting action plans

*Develop internal proficiency testing for all laboratory personnel.

Build a strong quality team and network internationally

*Support the Quality analysts / teams in charge of quality in the network in reaching their quality objectives.

*Participate in the recruitment and development of high performing quality personnel in all locations.

*Provide quality and laboratory training to staff throughout the network through regular meetings and communication. Ensure that remote quality organization is connected to the corporate level quality organization.

*Exchange best practices and train the network to Taronis’ methodologies and quality procedures.

*Set-up an active organization to exchange and learn from major and critical incidents.

Be the matter expert for quality topics at Taronis

*Main point of contact at corporate level for laboratories and management on quality related topics.

*Provides senior leadership guidance on quality-related matters

*Support local quality personnel in their relationships with accreditations bodies.

*Ensure quality-related issues are handled properly in order to minimize risks to Taronis (corrective actions) and to prevent them from happening again (preventative actions).

*Take the lead directly in case there is a severe quality issue.

Contribute to the continuous improvement and effectiveness of the quality system used by Taronis

*Lead network quality team meetings

*Work closely with the Operations, so that quality remains an integral topic of operations improvement programs

*Recommend improvements in quality management and gas safety.


*Technical ability to do the job: quality & technical experience is required to be successful in the job.

*At least 5 years as quality manager in an analytical environment.

*At least 5 years hands on experience independently running GC’s, GCMS’s and interpreting data.

*Recruiting and quality team development experience

*Managed quality improvement programs

*Managed cross-cultural teams

*Strong energy level and motivation to take this challenge

*Problem solving skills demonstrated through tangible provable achievements

*Cultural fit with Taronis: ambitious, with potential to grow, team building skills, entrepreneur, strong work ethics, integrity, candor, accountability.

Interested Applicants: Please contact Julie White, Human Resources Manager