Our Taronis Team has been busy! A recent international trip that included events in Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Amsterdam and London proved to be a successful all around.

The trip started out with an excellent meeting with Tanner and Tammer Ay in Dusseldorf. It was a great opportunity to update them on the delivery schedule for the initial Venturi Plasma unit heading to Turkey. They were able to review and discuss the government’s preliminary report on our technology and gas that came out of the recent Turkish visit to Florida. We are excited to continue to partner with Turkey and see what the future holds for us all.

Jack Armstrong presenting Greentech in Shipping Global Forum

The next stop in Hamburg involved attending and presenting at the Greentech in Shipping Global Forum, one of the largest shipping conferences in the world! We were also a Diamond sponsor of the event. Our head of business development, Jack Armstrong, did a great job presenting at the conference. We were excited to be able to finally unveil Taronis Fuels as a public company and the announcement was well received by the EU shipping and port community. We met with Andreas Slotte, Head of Sustainable Development for the Port of Helsinki. We are going to have a follow up meeting with him, and he is excited to help get us into that port and make introductions to other ports too. We are looking forward to the continued expansion of our global efforts.

We were proud to be a sponsor of one of the largest shipping conferences in the world!

Andreas Slotte, Head of Sustainable Development for the Port of Helsinki meeting with Jack Armstrong and Scott Mahoney

Next up was a trip to the Port of Amsterdam. The team checked on the progress of obtaining our permits and then met with the contractor to prepare the location for our launch. All the pieces of the Taronis Fuels and Amsterdam puzzle are continuing to fall into place as we get closer to being able to produce MagneGas for the region.

The meetings wrapped up in London, where we met with Mungo Park, CEO of Innovator Capital, as well as local IB advisers to evaluate real options for our shareholders. We also had a great meeting with Chris Fielding of WHIreland who is with a London-based Investment banking firm that could help us evaluate all London based exchanges to potentially consider as real options for our shareholders. The connections in London also provided us with the opportunity to set up future meetings in Monaco that will open doors for further global expansions.

We appreciate the hard work of all Taronis employees that has provided us with the opportunities we are pursuing overseas, and we know that the end results will be a win for everyone!