Our technology is built to support the UN Sustainability Development Goals. Our technology directly supports 9 of the 17 SDGs.
Our products are engineered to offer a clear safety benefit. Our goal is to prevent accidents and save lives.
Our products are priced to deliver measurable cost savings. We offer real financial benefits & efficiencies that drive value.

SMARTER GAS Solutions Centered around

Taronis Fuels is a clean technology company offering better technology solutions to today’s renewable fuels and sterilization problems by harnessing its proprietary clean gas technology. Taronis owns the only patented venturi plasma arc technology that gasifies or sterilizes a wide number of liquids and liquid wastes into a sustainable, green metal-cutting gas. Adoption of such unique gases is growing in major industries ranging from construction and demolition to metal fabrication and first responders for emergency extraction situations.


Wide distribution Footprint

Taronis Fuels now distributes its proprietary metal cutting fuel through Independent Distributors in the U.S. and through its wholly-owned distributors, MagneGas Welding Supply, across 31 locations throughout Arizona, Indiana, California, Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. 





Our products are widely recognized within the industrial gas
industry for our innovation, safety and potential global impact.

With a significant footprint in the United States, Taronis Fuels has expanded the use of its gas products to better promote green, sustainable business practices in the fields of metal-cutting fuels, water and agricultural sterilization, and waste-to-energy solutions.
U.S. Locations
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