Company Overview

Taronis Fuels manufactures and distributes industrial, medical, specialty and beverage gases and associated welding and safety supplies through its subsidiary, MagneGas Welding Supply. We operate over 15 retail locations, 2 gas fill plants, and Taronis has over 100+ employees who serve our customers in 4 states.

Our gas fill plants create industrial, medical, specialty and beverage gas products that are distributed to the Company’s wholesale and retail customers. Taronis supplies its customers with products ranging from bulk quantities of cryogenic gases to individual packaged gas cylinders.

The Company has a diversified customer base in both the wholesale and retail markets. Taronis Fuels has the expertise, assets and sources of supply necessary to service large, bulk cryogenic gas customers as well as small one-man businesses.


Investor Contact Information


Taronis Fuels, Inc.
24980 N. 83rd Ave, Suite 100
Peoria, AZ 85383
T: 866-370-FUEL (3835)

Investor Relations

Jakob Ogdahl
Corporate Treasurer & Investor Relations
T: 623-526-0260

Transfer Agent

Nevada Agency and Transfer Company
50 West Liberty Street
Suite 88
Reno, NV 89501
T: 775-322-0626
F: 775-322-5623


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