Several prominent media outlets in Turkey recently covered the successful events surrounding our Taronis Fuels team’s visit to the country, including the commissioning of the Venturi plasma arc gasification unit. Many of the articles highlighted our commitment to Turkey and the efforts to replace the use of acetylene with our cleaner, safer and smarter metal cutting fuel, MagneGas. Particularly, Milliyet captured the plans for our expansion in Turkey both in print and on the web. Not only is Milliyet one of Turkey’s prominent print newspapers, but their website also has the highest number of online readers.

Below are the links to the articles and the videos:

Sabah: US Giant Choose Turkey

Milliyet$500 million US Gas

DunyaGas Transformation Facility worth $165 million in Ankara

TicaretCovid does not matter for Foreign Investors when it is investment Turkey 

TurkiyeWith 300 million investment, it will employ 1,000 workers

TakvimTaronis of US Origin Choose Turkey

Yeni AsirInvestment from the US worth $300 million



Check out pictures from the ceremony we held while in Turkey!